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Ian Green offers classes at Hunter College for beginning and/or casual Traders and Investors. Whether you want to hone your financial analysis skills or understand what your Broker is talking about, Ian Green can help you to understand the complex world of Stocks and Bonds.
Having trouble deciphering trend from trash? Technical Analysis examines how trends in price point can indicate market swings. In today’s volatile market, understanding these swings and learning.

This course is an intensive workshop designed to prepare students to evaluate stocks and discover trading opportunities. The material covered discusses theories and strategies used by professional traders that are critical to trading success whether the participant is a day trader, short term trader or long term investor.

Summer/Fall S1
Instructor: Ian Green
WED 6:00:PM - 8:00:PM
Location: CS 71 E 94 St
Starts 8/1 Ends 8/15
Sessions: 3
Starts 9/19 Ends 10/3
Sessions: 3
Course Status: Open, Seats Available

The class will introduce students to the nuances of investing in China. Topics covered are: the economic, political and social systems in China, where investments are traded, Chinese industries, risks associated with investing in China and emerging markets, types of investments available including direct investments, ADRs and ETFs as well as a look at current investment strategies. The class will be taught by Ian Green, a New York based money manger who will also bring to class as a guest lecturer, Yong Peng, a money manager who is a native of China and has worked for investment firms in Beijing.

Offered in Fall, TBA

Ian Green's Options class covers these topics so that you can cover your positions and hedge your investing strategies. This class defines, explains and illustrates how options are priced in order for students to understand the risk associated with these trading vehicles. In doing so, students can understand how options can be used within a 'portfolio' for income and for speculation.

Fall S1
Instructor: Ian Green
THUR 6:00:PM - 8:00:PM
Location: CS 71 E 94 St
Starts 9/6 Ends 9/20
Sessions: 3
Course Status: Open, Seats Available

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of how to analyze investments through an evaluation of company fundamentals. The course will discuss topics such as financial ratios, financial statement analysis, industry comps, trends and sector analysis.

Fall, S1
Instructor: Ian Green
TUE 6:00-8:00PM
Location: CS 71 E 94 St
Starts 9/11 Ends 9/25
Sessions: 3
Course Status: Open, Seats Available

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